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    Hydraulics & Fire.

We create beautiful landscaped environments with multiple uses, prioritising effective water treatment & conservation.

At CJ Arms, we leverage our expertise in hydraulic, fire & civil engineering, and landscape architecture, along with our holistic approach to water and wastewater management to redefine spaces and deliver industry-leading environmental and water sustainability solutions. We create beautiful landscaped environments with multiple uses which integrate seamlessly with their surroundings and facilitate the effective treatment and saving of water.

We think differently, and it is this ability to approach our projects from a different angle to all others in our space that sets us apart and enables us to stay at the forefront of engineering, design and water sustainability. We are a team of highly skilled scientists, engineers and landscape architects who are driven by the desire to challenge both ourselves and the status quo. We work with clients across a variety of private and government sectors including commercial, residential, education, industrial, defence, health, scientific laboratory, master planning, infrastructure planning and many more.

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Reedbed Technology provides cutting edge, environmentally sustainable wastewater management.

Reedbed Technology

Reedbed Technology’s passive water treatment systems are an environmentally sound, cost effective alternative to mechanical treatment systems. The innovative design behind Reedbed Technology works to streamline routine maintenance, reducing overall power consumption.

Reedbed’s sustainable model reduces operating costs by 80% and carbon emissions by 90% compared with conventional wastewater systems. Reedbeds are an alternative form of wastewater treatment, using constructed wetlands, as opposed to mechanical treatment systems, to manage water in a more environmentally sustainable way.

Reedbeds allow for the sustainable treatment of domestic wastewater, wastewater sludge, industrial wastes, leachate and contaminated groundwater, mining and industrial process water, and winery and agricultural wastewater. Reedbed Technology focuses on creating water management solutions that complement the surrounding landscape, preserving the ecological balance and adding aesthetic appeal.