The Way We Think

We are allowed to think and do things differently. We are allowed to be wrong. We are allowed to innovate.


As a team, what makes us excited to get out of bed every morning is the opportunity to challenge ourselves each and every day. We are challenged every time we do things that are different and open up new possibilities. We are driven by the valuable outcomes we can achieve for our clients and the world around us. Mediocrity simply isn’t an option. We must be the best at what we do and are constantly striving to push the boundaries of what’s possible in our space.

At CJ Arms & Associates, our workplace environment fosters creativity and innovation by removing the limitations that may otherwise inhibit our potential. Some people call it ‘progressive lateral thinking’. Others call it ‘thinking outside the box.’ To us it is a way of life that naturally underpins all our work on amazing projects right around Australia.This approach is tied into a ‘no blame culture’ in our organisation which empowers our people to embrace the diverse ways of thinking exhibited by different team members and departments. Most people sit in their comfort zone, we get to sit outside it.

No project we undertake is the same as the last; we see each one as a chance to improve the status quo of engineering & water sustainability and change the world for better.

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