Who We Are

Our capacity to leverage know-how in multiple disciplines combined with our innovative design approach to water & wastewater management positions us at the forefront of water sustainability in Australia.


CJ Arms are not just another bunch of hydraulic and civil engineers. We are not just a leading hydraulics engineering consultancy. What’s more, we are not solely experts in sustainable water management. We are a rare and unique group of people, united by our passion for redefining spaces. Give us a space with a water challenge and we will create beautiful landscaped environments with multiple uses that tell a water success story. We combine our ability to think beyond the boundaries of immediate challenges with a sophisticated ecological mindset to deliver creative developments which provide our clients with real value for money, achieve beneficial outcomes and ultimately improve our impact on the world.

Why We Do It

We are a team of brilliant minds composed of engineers, scientists and landscape architects who get out of bed every morning because we are challenged and driven to rise to each and every challenge. This diverse combination of expertise places CJ Arms in a rare position to devise and implement holistic and sustainable water solutions which span multiple disciplines to achieve the most successful and ground-breaking results. We are proud to be continuously pushing the envelope and breaking new ground in the field of water, wastewater and passive water treatment systems.

How Long We’ve Been Doing It For

We have been involved in some of the most high profile construction projects within Australia over the past 35 years including large community based developments, healthcare and research facilities, and both government and commercial projects. Over the last three decades our business has evolved in such a way that we now possess a very clear understanding of how large, complex projects are designed & constructed, and have the capabilities to play an integral role in the different stages involved, from early planning and design phases to the latter phases of construction and development.

Our capacity to leverage our know-how in multiple disciplines combined with our innovative and holistic design approach to water and wastewater management makes us unique and positions us at the forefront of water sustainability in Australia.

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The Way We Think

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