Scenic Botanica

Location Melton, Victoria
Architect deciBel(Architecture)))

Project Description

The Challenge:

The Scenic Botanica residential development is the last stage of the Botanic Springs subdivision, located in Melton, Victoria. The master plan will provide a development that better engages with the natural tributary (Brookfield Creek) that runs through the site, creating a linear parkland along the escapement. This will serve to maximise the public open space and benefit the future residents and the wider community. CJ Arms is currently involved in the landscape design and civil engineering of this project, and must also consider the science behind the existing drainage, soil parameters and hydrology.


The Solution:

Our scientific knowledge will be used to develop a detailed integrated water management plan for the treatment of the escarpment and subdivision drainage. The landscape design must be carefully considered, as it will not only provide amenity along the linear park, but also provide the necessary screening to lots backing onto the escarpment, ensuring an active, useable environment. The landscape will also ensure the treatment and protection of the escarpment, and secure the quality of water ultimately discharged into the Melton reservoir.

The key elements and principles of the landscape, civil and water treatment strategy for this development involve:

  • Preserving, as much as possible, the natural hydrology and morphology of the area
  • Creating an integrated series of swales and pipes to convey the water to the treatment zones
  • Consolidating the escarpment’s function and use as a public space, treatment zone and flood path
  • Maintaining the Melton reservoir water quality
  • Using landscape to maximise the visual amenity of the area
  • Reducing the potable water demands of the development
  • Locating and designing water management assets to minimise capital costs and long term maintenance obligations



The Results:

This is an ongoing project and we look forward to sharing the outcomes of this exciting development.

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