Integrated Landscape Design

Be the water, not the rock


Planning the “landscapes of the future” must integrate functionality, public amenity and innovation.

The world is changing before our eyes, as never before. The rapid growth of urban communities, modern lifestyle aspirations, the impacts of climate change and the maxim of environmental sustainability, combine to impose ever-increasing demands upon the public infrastructure for which our everyday lives depend. Planning the “landscapes of the future” must integrate functionality, public amenity and innovation. At CJ Arms, we believe that water is a fundamental element in this process – nature’s essential resource that can form the centrepiece in the creation of beautiful and enduring environments.

Our Approach to Landscape Design

In our view, the landscape form and maximisation of water management are primary considerations in the composition of any site development plan. The multi-disciplinary approach we employ with every project draws upon the recognised expertise we offer in landscape design, water science and civil engineering.

Thanks to our continuous innovation, excellent design skills and “the way we think”, our integrated landscape design solutions are unrivalled in Australia. Our unique approach to landscape design is reflected in the mantra “Be the Water, not the Rock”. Just like water, our process is fluid, soft and yielding, maintaining its essence and strength despite the obstacles it faces.

Key areas of specialisation include:

• Terrain Maximisation
• Climate Impact Solutions
• Water Analysis and Utilisation
• Landscape and Infrastructure Integration

Other landscape design solutions we provide include:

• Strategic master planning
• Streetscapes
• Green roofs
• Urban river restoration
• Eco tourism

Projects in which we excel include:

• Watercourses, Lakes and Rivers
• Parklands, Sports fields and Recreational Facilities
• Wetlands and Stormwater Treatment
• Waterway and Foreshore Rehabilitation
• City and Suburban Housing Precincts
• Institutional Open Spaces
• Business Parks and Commercial Development