Civil Engineering

Our designs consider the environment, understand what is necessary to achieve sustainability & deliver passive and economic outcomes.

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We take the learnings gained from our in-house science group, the precision of our engineering focus and the urban design creativity from our landscape designers to bring a new way of delivering projects

Civil engineering in a traditional sense relates to problem solving. As civil engineering consultants, we look at the land form, the site conditions, and the constraints. We work to understand what standards are applicable to the project and aim to prepare a design that provides a solution which satisfies all the constraints and achieves a desired purpose for the client.

At CJ Arms, we take all of this and then ask: “what else can we do?” How can we improve the outcome for our client? How can we challenge the conventional outcome to achieve a better outcome? An outcome that adds value, adds amenity and provides a superior solution.

Stormwater Management

The traditional approach to urban stormwater management relies on infrastructure that channels rainfall runoff away from its source as quickly as possible. The result is that in urban environments, surface flow is increased in even the smallest of storms, and little opportunity is provided for processing and removing stormwater contaminants. Over time, this damages the receiving aquatic system. Therefore, CJ Arms’ approach to design for sustainable stormwater management incorporates measures aimed at minimising potentially detrimental impacts and protecting downstream aquatic ecosystems, which includes:

  • stormwater detention and retention measures to manage peak discharge from the site, suspended particulate matter, and associated contaminants and hydrocarbons in accordance with best practice.
  • passive stormwater conveyancing and filtration systems such as grassed swales, bioretention systems and raingardens which effectively remove contamination through a combination of passive biological, chemical and physical processes. Our design approach provides a double use of zones by including surface treatment elements and inground detention. These treatment measures (bioswales and raingardens) promote infiltration, retention, and detention of stormwater runoff to significantly reduce peak flows and remove most contaminants of concern.
  • stormwater treatment and reuse to reduce stormwater runoff, contaminant loads and concentrations. Stormwater and rainwater capture and reuse is an integral part of our overall stormwater management approach.  Our stormwater modelling provides a highly efficient and project specific approach to stormwater system sizing, treatment and configuration.

What Makes Our Designs Superior ?

We understand the importance of exceptional design and the value this brings to the project. We are talking about design that considers the environment, understands what is necessary to achieve sustainable solutions and above all else achieves this passively and economically. We do this by integrating hydraulic, civil and landscape design in a holistic manner so that all these elements are considered collectively, rather than individually. The water cycle plays a decisive role in all of our projects. It defines the basic outcomes and where possible becomes the main feature and the catalyst for challenging what can be achieved.

What Makes Our Team So Special ?

Each member of our team has well-demonstrated expertise in their particular field and provide a thorough understanding of the requirements of planning, design and site development processes. The civil engineering group at CJ Arms takes the learnings gained from its in-house science group, the precision of its engineering focus and the urban design creativity from its landscape designers to bring a new way of delivering projects to our many valued clients.

The CJ Arms team is highly experienced in the investigation, planning, civil engineering and hydraulic design of the hydrological elements of residential, commercial and institutional development projects. We regularly accept engagements where innovative stormwater management solutions and landscaping are integral to the overall planning of a site. We consistently deliver well-researched natural drainage outcomes that add value to the functional, environmental and economic aspects of projects.

Key areas of capability include:

  • Stormwater drainage
  • Drainage and hydraulic modelling
  • Water Sensitive Urban design – stormwater treatment
  • Stormwater system design, treatment and re-use
  • Project Feasibilities and options reports
  • Civil design and documentation of green field or brown field projects
  • Infrastructure design and procurement
  • Project management
  • Construction management
  • Integrating civil, stormwater and landscape architecture
  • Project Master planning expertise
  • Flood modelling