What We Do

We draw on our wealth of expertise in Civil, Landscape Architecture, Hydraulic and Fire, Science and Water Sustainability Management to deliver creative developments which redefine spaces.

The outcomes are beautiful landscaped environments with multiple uses which prioritise water treatment and conservation. While other engineers, designers and consultants often deliver one or two isolated pieces of the puzzle, CJ Arms provide fully integrated solutions which allow us to be involved at every stage from Master planning, Hydraulics, Water Modelling, Water treatment, Drainage and Hydrology, and Civil Design right through to Infrastructure and Landscaping Integration. We also offer our clients total flexibility whereby any one particular service can be delivered as a stand-alone solution as per the requirements of your project.

Industry-leading Water Sustainability Solutions

We work closely with our clients to achieve valuable and practical water sustainability solutions, ensuring an optimum water footprint. Our ‘whole of water cycle’ approach to managing water and wastewater systems paired with our sophisticated ecological mindset enables us to achieve the best possible outcomes for our clients and the environment.

Get to know more about what we do:

We are proud to have been involved in some of the most high profile construction projects within Australia over the past 35 years including large community based developments, healthcare and research facilities, and both government and commercial projects.

We are continuously building upon knowledge gained from previous projects to enhance our solutions and break new ground in the area of sustainable water management. Our unique capacity to leverage our multi-disciplinary knowledge to provide integrated water/civil/landscape solutions combined with our commitment to the effective treatment and conservation of water and wastewater positions us at the forefront of water sustainability in Australia.