“I happened yesterday, to be invited to a global webinar hosted by the ULI (Urban Land Institute) that considered and debated the impact of the COP21 Paris 2015 on the Real Estate property market. 195 nations of the world have recently and at last, signed up to a legally binding global climate deal, and with this there will be, an emerging and overwhelming new responsibility on all of us, designers of the built (and consumptive) environment. And then by chance this morning, I heard news on the BBC, that Environmental Agency, here in Britain, could no longer continue to focus, as it has, predominantly on water management, water quality and air quality, but that now soil quality was understood to be as vital, as it has been overlooked, in carbon capture and retention, heat island mitigation, protection from erosion and flooding, and of course providing for and supporting agriculture and plant life.
As an architect trying to focus on the discovery of a better inter-relationship of urban and built form to our natural landscapes and ecologies, I am re-assured to know Chris Arms and his wonderful company. Chris has attracted and assembled a rare and wholly unique combination of landscape designers, hydrologists, ecologists, scientists and civil engineers that give us, within the broader design and construction industry, the opportunity to imagine and realise solutions on a big and therefore impactful scale, that mostly follow age-old principles of conscientious ground and water science and management through careful integration, frugality, and imagination.”

Keith Brewis
International Partner

“CJ Arms have consistently been at our side, enhancing, supporting and challenging us in our integrated environmental design endeavours.
More than brilliant engineers, CJ Arms’ team bring science, ethics, economy and intelligence to considerations of how to use what we have, how to improve our effect on the world, and how to change that world for the better. They have a sophisticated and resilient ecological mindset, and can work and weave their thinking into ours at all levels. Importantly, the team there know how to do all this and ensure we all enjoy the journey.”

Dylan Brady
Decibel Architecture

“Having had the pleasure of working with the team at CJArms recently I cannot speak highly enough of their professionalism, dedication and impressive collaboration on a complex project in a short period of time. However it is their ability to think beyond the boundaries of immediate challenges and address them with a mix of advanced research capabilities blended with a wealth of professional experience that really impressed me and made it a great experience with fantastic outcomes.”

Rory Martin
Research + Sustainability Leader

“Having worked with Chris Arms and his team over many years, it is encouraging to see how the business has grown in both breadth and depth of capabilities. CJ Arms are developing a sound reputation for working with their clients to devise and implement truly holistic and innovative water strategies that span multiple disciplines, Landscape Architecture, Civil engineering, Science and Hydraulic engineering to benefit our environment.”

Fiona Dunster
Managing Director

CJ Arms are a progressive lateral thinking consultant that value an integrated approach to design and construction. They continually investigate how to improve the status quo of engineering, to deliver better urban and architectural outcomes for their projects, and to protect the ecological and environmental heritage of both the immediate site and its surrounding, utilising the available spaces to a maximum. This, combined with a positive and creative philosophy, make CJ Arms the preferred Engineer and landscape Architect for Grimshaw on most of our projects through Australia.

Matthew Holloway

“Grocon and CJ Arms have worked together for more than 15 years on some of our most iconic projects including the entire city block of Melbourne that is the QV Development, our 536 apartment development at the former Carlton Brewery site called Swanston Square Apartments and many and varied other projects in both Melbourne and, more recently, in Sydney. Chris Arms and the team at CJ Arms have often been our consultant of choice for Hydraulic Building Services where their teamwork, collaborative approach to solution finding and no-nonsense approach has cemented a close working relationship. We have appreciated their early adoption of 3D documentation and BIM implementation and then have watched them expand their service offering to include civil, wet fire engineering, landscaping, water sciences and sustainability practice demonstrating their now wide expertise and industry leading way of thinking. The suite of service offering that they have established enables our projects, large and small, to benefit from a holistic view of water and its part in the built environment and sustainability opportunities that is second to none in Australia.
We look forward to exploring with CJ Arms how our every growing CBD and inner urban developments can better respond to water sustainability initiatives and landscaped public realms.”

David Waldren
Head of Culture and Innovation

“CJ Arms have been providing Lendlease with support in the development of Sustainable Water Management strategies, utilising Water and Science based solutions plus delivering Hydraulic Engineering for some of my projects for many years.
The more recent evolution of their business into the provision of a comprehensive Landscape Architecture and Civil Engineering will only strengthen their ability to participate in the much early master planning phases of these projects.”

Steve Trevenar
Head of Development, Healthcare & Scientific Research

We’ve been using CJA at the Crown Melbourne facility for over 10 years and more recently on our new build, high profile developments - Crown Sydney Hotel Resort and Queensbridge Tower Melbourne. We trust in their ability to carry out accurate modelling of our existing facility and new build projects prior to committing to project documentation so that we can get an accurate understanding of all engineering consequences, infrastructure requirements and any financial implications. They’re always willing to explore innovative solutions that can bring something new or different to our projects.

Daniel Prince
Infrastructure and Capital Works Manager
Crown Melbourne Limited

“In my experience of working with C J Arms, they do not operate like a typical design consultant as they think differently and are always on the front foot driving collaborative and innovative design solutions. Furthermore, they consistently provide market leading environmental solutions which ultimately provides the client with real value for money.”

Bob Collinson
Senior Project Manager, Building

“Linked Solutions have used CJ Arms for a number of our projects in our capacities as either Joint Venture Partners or Planning and Development Managers. We have received quality technical advice across a wide range ‘of specialist areas including hydrology, engineering, landscape, traffic and planning.
CJ Arms are very practical while at the same time bringing creative solutions to the table to address significant technical and planning problems. Their staff are very responsive and always provide advice and briefings within agreed timelines. I have no hesitation in recommending CJ Arms to you for a wide range of technical and planning advice and very clever solutions.”

Darren Ray
Managing Director
Linked Solutions Pty Ltd